Restoration of singing ability to quadriplegic professional singer

Tendon-Drive Force transmission

Tendon wrap construction mimics the natural action of the abdominal muscles, which apply pressure circumferentially.

The user inputs the position setpoint for the tendon via a joystick. A DC brushless motor is actuated accordingly under PD position control. This motor tightens the tendon by winding it onto a drum. The tendon encircles the user's abdomen, and a cushion at the ventral abdomen redirects the belt tension onto the abdomen surface, providing enhanced pressure.

Biomimetic Test Platform

In order to rapidly prototype the breathing assistance device, a biofidelic abdomen was developed. Following the method of Rouhana et al., a replica abdomen was fabricated with two layers:

  1. a shell of 30A durometer silicone rubber (Mold Max 30, Smooth-On, Inc.)
  2. a plug of flexible polyurethane foam (FlexFoam-iT!Smooth-On, Inc.)

In contrast to traditional fabrication methods, this device was cast in three steps from 3D-printed mold sections. Among the advantages of this method provides are:

  • tunable outer layer thickness
  • incorporation of point cloud data from 3D scanners
  • possibility of rapid design changes
  • incorporation of sensors into the skin

Presentation at 한국로봇학회 제9회 한국로봇종합학술대회 논문집 (The 9th Korea Robotics Society Annual Conference)호흡 재활 보조 로봇 개발용 복부 모형 제작 (Simulated Human Abdomen Device for Development of a Respiratory Rehabilitation Device)

initial prototype

Biomimetic abdomen

revised prototype