Seoul daze

My first impressions? I love Seoul! The city is really happening. On Friday, I met Eunjae and the rest of the TAF office staff, and got my local bank account. (Cell phone to follow on Monday - until then, I won't really fit in here. Everyone has a cell phone, some more than one!) For lunch, we all went out for bulgogi, and I made a fool of myself with chopsticks until one of my new friends asked me if I wanted a fork... Last night, I went out in 홍대 with Alex, a good friend from high school. We got 치킨 for dinner, then walked around watching all the aspiring musicians. The vending machines full of gas masks at subway stations are trippy, especially because they blend in with the vending machines full of cell phones. I wouldn't have noticed them except for the instruction videos on the subway. People pay about as much attention as they do to airplane safety videos.

Tomorrow, I'm going to do touristy stuff with my sister, Zoe.


Forget the South, this is the best fried chicken I've ever had

Tryin' to make it big