House hunted.

Rainy season started today, so I'm holed up in the cafe at 경복궁 museum eating 김치 볶음밥. I definitely needed a day off after spending yesterday and hunting for a mobile phone and apartment. Turns out that real estate in 서울 is really expensive! Anyway, I found a nice (but very orange) place, which I guess is at least Princeton colors. I'll be moving in tomorrow. I couldn't have done it without Eunhye, who works at TAF Korea, and who is generally awesome. This morning, we went to Yonsei to check out an auditorium for a panel discussion for the Luce wrap-up meeting. Fittingly, the chapel was originally given in memory of the Luces.  

This afternoon, after packing up my temporary room at 안국 guesthouse, I decided to get my culture on. Here are some photos:


Obligatory (winged tiger on fire?) photos: